Liberate Lost Tapes 2

Me: *browses the homie Deen’s blog*

Mom: *peeps over my shoulder*

Mom: Oh! I remember that guy. He used to be your favorite when you was a child. Does he still make music?


11 Responses to Liberate Lost Tapes 2

  1. Abortatron says:

    I’m in this bish throwing gang signs

  2. mobbdeen says:


    We’re still on course for the beginning of the year, right?

  3. I don’t know. Good question, but Tron would know better than I would. Sounds good to me though.

  4. Rajon Trondo says:

    we need another meeting.. and we need like 20$ each.

    when is good for you guys ?

    (pause where questionable)

  5. I can meet antime. But I have to run and do something real quick. I’ll check back a little later.

  6. Rajon Trondo says:


    we just need to map out the rest of the gameplan i guess, and start stockpiling content.

    but yeah, i think we should meet one more time and shit. we need to get this money straight so we can get rolling with design for real

    but yea, that’s the next step. we should meet like 2nd week of january.

  7. Sounds good. I’m sure I can get together 20 bucks.

  8. Had a spark when we started…..

    Now we jusst garbage…..


  9. Not to dwell on tha past…..

    but to keep it real…..

    I gotta represent family Emmitt Till…..

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